About VEGAS11

VEGAS11 has beening the field of online casinos in the Asia-Pacific region for many years. It has a strong independent research and development team and customer service team to provide a comprehensive and reliable online game platform


  1. Operating The technical test (TST) is strictly assessed and approved to ensure that the data randomly generated by the system is 100% accurate. And through the international game laboratory (GLI) system platform test to ensure the credibility of the game.
  2. In addition to the live casino games, chess and card and slot machines in offline casinos, we have also added more and more diverse casino games such as sports e-sports events and lottery games, as if they were on-site.
  3. Our video games use the fairest chance to generate random numbers, allowing players to enjoy a variety of entertaining games with peace of mind. Provide the most enthusiastic service, the most immediate and exciting casino atmosphere.
  4. And with the spirit of service first, 24 hours a day, all year round, to solve all kinds of incurable diseases of players for websites and games, so that every player can feel at home and come to the casino with the supreme sense of honor. Thank you for your support, we will hold discounts and promotions from time to time to provide players with more feedback and surprises.

Privacy Terms

  1. Vegas11 platforms are https, multiple s are more secure, and are processed with the best SSL128 encryption technology, committed to providing the most secure platform for customer personal data privacy. We promise not to give your personal privacy information to any third party.
  2. You need to keep your account and password safe. Do not allow any other person or third-party manufacturer, and be careful not to allow “minors” to use your account for gaming and wagering operations. The company will have the right to refuse to pay any awards or bonuses arising therefrom. You are solely responsible for all losses incurred by the third party in your account.
  3. You may periodically receive some messages to update you about TZ product information and services. When this website launches fun, novel and interesting promotional activities, these messages can help you fully enjoy the services of this website.
  4. The company reserves the right to adjust the privacy policy.

[Important and must-read] Members of this site exercise their rights and obligations to announce

  1. members before entering this site to participate in any activities, please be sure to read the company’s regulations in detail. Once you “agree” to enter this website, you are deemed to have accepted all regulations. .
  2. The company reserves the right to amend any terms of this agreement, and reserves the right of final interpretation and adjudication.
  3. This website is only available to users of legal age, and customers must be 18 years old when placing bets.
  4. Attention!! If it is found that there are more than one account with the same IP, it will immediately stop accepting all point transactions!
  5. Due to human or system errors caused by unpredictable factors, the company only uses the content of the member’s “game record” as the calculation result Based on this, the management of the Company reserves the final decision.
  6. In the event of irresistible disasters, such as hacking, network problems, system damage and data loss, the final data on this website is the final processing data, and the company reserves the right to modify the final result.

Members, please note that

  1. before the first transaction on this website, please take the initiative to do real-name authentication with the online customer service, and only need to do the authentication once. In order to speed up the processing time of your point transactions, members are also requested to actively authenticate.
  2. Each customer can only have one account. If it is found that the customer has multiple accounts, the company has the right to freeze the customer’s account and cancel all winning bets in the account. The company reserves the right to cancel any factors that cause the account balance to be incorrect. , In addition, if it is found that the account holder and relatives share multiple different accounts, the company has the right to restrict each customer to keep a maximum of one account.
  3. General rules of the promotion activities held by the company: only for the same player, the same contact information, the same IP and the same computer to participate. Abnormal betting behavior, the company has the right to confiscate the profit. The same account / family / registered address / email address / phone number / payment account (such as credit card number, etc.) / IP location / shared computer / environmental network ※ IP shows abnormal people to prevent money laundering / fraud / generate profits included in the calculation.
  4. In order to maintain the fairness of the game, if the audit finds that members bet on both positive and negative results in the same round or use illegal software to bet, the profits and discounts generated during the betting period will be cancelled (wins and losses are borne by the members themselves), if such bets are found of players will be canceled their memberships and their game accounts will be cancelled. thank you for your support.
  5. Recently, game halls such as Obo Salon DG Haolu Chess and Cards have encountered illegal elements placing bets in the form of plug-in arbitrage betting. The company hereby makes a special announcement, members should not try the law by themselves.
  6. In order to avoid any disputes, customers should check their game currency every time they log in and leave. Each user must check the information of the member account when participating in all games on this website or before ending the game, if any abnormality is found , should immediately contact the customer service for verification, otherwise the user will be deemed to agree and accept, all data or historical data of his account shall be subject to the information in the company’s database, and the user shall not object.
  7. The company has the right to refuse or not accept the right of any user to log in or participate in all games on this website in any improper way, maliciously through the game website program loopholes, use plug-in programs or modify the improper game currency and points obtained without authorization. The company will immediately and permanently suspend the user, the illegally obtained game currency and points will not be counted, and the company will retain the legal retrospective right.
  8. If it is verified that the money laundering is suspected of fraudulent money laundering by transferring funds to different accounts or storing value in supermarkets in different counties and cities, if the company’s stored value system is used for external fraud, the company will freeze or terminate the account and deliver relevant member information and information in accordance with the law. Local Criminal Investigation Office. Members, please do not try your own way!
  9. Recently, it has been found that an illegal arbitrage group is maliciously attacking the platform for money laundering, which has violated the company’s regulations. In the near future, the engineering department will be asked to make strict inquiries. In order to prevent the arbitrage group from using this platform to launder money, the company will always find accounts with abnormal IP addresses and will not be allowed to do so. Sell and lock the IP blacklist and freeze the account, and refund the last stored value. The refund fee must be borne by the member. In order to give you a good gaming environment, please abide by the rules. Thank you.
  10. The company strictly prohibits its agents or staff from opening registered accounts without permission to conduct gambling betting. If such violations are found, the account will be suspended and all operations will be prohibited (all points will be frozen and cannot be used again).
  11. If the offline member and the agent have the same IP, we will consider the agent to open the member game by himself, which is a violation and will permanently freeze the account. If there are multiple members with the same IP, it will be regarded as an invalid member.

Platform game rules are limited

to the game experience of the company’s VIP customers. The company has the right to adjust the limit of the VIP customer’s game bonus, but this adjustment is only for entertainment. If any abnormal betting behavior (double betting or risk-free betting, etc. is found, please refer to The following description), the company also reserves the right to reduce the red limit without notice.

Risk-free betting

  1. You can only bet a maximum of 7 different numbers in the same parking space in the same game, and you can only bet a maximum of 7 different parking spaces with the same number, and you can only buy a maximum of 7 different parking spaces. Anything that exceeds 8 yards is a risk-free bet.
  2. In the same issue, sparring and hedging are prohibited. No matter how big or small, you can only buy one. For the size of the double-sided plate, you can only buy one single and double dragon tiger. It is forbidden to swipe over 7 yards. 11. If it is found that there is a sparring and hedging, it will not be counted regardless of whether it is won or lost.
  3. If the offline member and the agent have the same IP, we will consider the agent to open the member game by himself, which is a violation and will permanently freeze the account. If there are multiple members with the same IP, it will be regarded as an invalid member.
  4. In order to protect the security of your account, please do not inform others of your account password and give it to others for use. Do not try to set the password too easily and cause unnecessary losses due to cracking. Please keep your personal password properly, change it regularly, and do not use webpage memory. password function.
  5. The company will delete the bets on the above announcements for the actors of various events such as American baseball, basketball, Japanese baseball, Korean baseball, football, etc. Please pay attention to the list! Don’t try your own way! Win or lose according to the company’s rules. As
  6. many group speculators have recently used the game “OB Sports” – “Basketball” – “E-sports basketball” to carry out vulnerability attacks, the company will From 23:00 on June 16, 2021, e-sports basketball will be tentatively designated as a risk-free betting project. All bets on e-sports basketball will not be counted regardless of whether they win or lose. If the profit is negative, please be responsible for yourself
  7. Speculators use the game project “Basketball” – “Hong Kong Basketball” to carry out exploits and other arbitrage. Therefore, from 00:00 on 2021/12/15, the company will tentatively designate Hong Kong basketball as a risk-free betting project. No matter whether you win or lose, the bet will not be counted. If the profit is negative, please be responsible for yourself.
  8. In response to the recent use of “Basketball” – “Taiwan Basketball League” game project by many group speculators to carry out exploits and other arbitrage, the company will start from 2021 /From 00:00 on 12/31, the Taiwan Basketball League will be tentatively designated as a risk-free betting project. All bets on Taiwan Basketball will not be counted regardless of whether they win or lose
  9. activities, please make more use of the promotions page or chat with online customer service.