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Vegas11 provides the latest FIFA World Cup soccer schedule, whether you want to watch the free World Cup soccer live broadcast or online betting on World Cup football, you can enjoy it at Vegas11.

Next, Vegas11 teaches you how to watch FIFA world cup live stream free in India, and the latest 2022 FIFA World Cup schedule for you:

How to watch free live streaming sports?

How to watch FIFA world cup live stream free in India

FIFA World Cup 2022 groups schedule in India

FIFA World Cup 2022 groups schedule

Group A

  • Qatar
  • Ecuador
  • Senegal
  • Netherlands
TimeGroup stageCombination play
2022/11/20 21:30Match 1  0:2Qatar VS Ecuador
2022/11/21 21:30Match 2  0:2Senegal VS Netherlands
2022/11/25 18:30Match 18Qatar VS Senegal
2022/11/25 21:30Match 19Netherlands VS Ecuador
2022/11/29 20:30Match 35Ecuador VS Senegal
2022/11/29 20:30Match 36Netherlands VS Qatar
FIFA World Cup Group A schedule

Group B

  • England
  • Iran
  • United States
  • Wales
TimeGroup stageCombination play
2022/11/21 18:30Match 3  6:2England VS Iran
2022/11/22 00:30Match 4  1:1United States VS Wales
2022/11/25 15:30Match 17Wales VS Iran
2022/11/26 00:30Match 20England VS United States
2022/11/30 00:30Match 33Wales VS England
2022/11/30 00:30Match 34Iran VS United States
FIFA World Cup Group B schedule

Group C

  • Argentina
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Mexico
  • Poland
TimeGroup stageCombination play
2022/11/22 15:30Match 8  1:2Argentina VS Saudi Arabia
2022/11/22 21:30Match 7  0:0Mexico VS Poland
2022/11/26 18:30Match 22Poland VS Saudi Arabia
2022/11/27 00:30Match 24Argentina VS Mexico
2022/12/1 00:30Match 39Poland VS Argentina
2022/12/1 00:30Match 40Saudi Arabia VS Mexico
FIFA World Cup Group C schedule

Group D

  • France
  • Australia
  • Denmark
  • Tunisia
TimeGroup stageCombination play
2022/11/22 18:30Match 6  0:0Denmark VS Tunisia
2022/11/23 00:30Match 5  4:1France VS Australia
2022/11/26 15:30Match 21Tunisia VS Australia
2022/11/26 21:30Match 23France VS Denmark
2022/11/30 20:30Match 37Australia VS Denmark
2022/11/30 20:30Match 38Tunisia VS France
FIFA World Cup Group D schedule

Group E

  • Spain
  • Costa Rica
  • Germany
  • Japan
TimeGroup stageCombination play
2022/11/23 18:30Match 11 1:2Germany VS Japan
2022/11/23 21:30Match 10 7:0Spain VS Costa Rica
2022/11/27 15:30Match 25Japan VS Costa Rica
2022/11/28 00:30Match 28Spain VS Germany
2022/12/2 00:30Match 43Japan VS Spain
2022/12/2 00:30Match 44Costa Rica VS Germany
FIFA World Cup Group E schedule

Group F

  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Morocco
  • Croatia
TimeGroup stageCombination play
2022/11/23 15:30Match 12 0:0Morocco VS Croatia
2022/11/24 00:30Match 9  1:0Belgium VS Canada
2022/11/27 18:30Match 26Belgium VS Morocco
2022/11/27 21:30Match 27Croatia VS Canada
2022/12/1 20:30Match 41Croatia VS Belgium
2022/12/1 20:30Match 42Canada VS Morocco
FIFA World Cup Group F schedule

Group G

  • Brazil
  • Serbia
  • Switzerland
  • Cameroon
TimeGroup stageCombination play
2022/11/24 15:30Match 13Switzerland VS Cameroon
2022/11/25 00:30Match 16Brazil VS Serbia
2022/11/28 15:30Match 29Cameroon VS Serbia
2022/11/28 21:30Match 31Brazil VS Switzerland
2022/12/3 00:30Match 47Serbia VS Switzerland
2022/12/3 00:30Match 48Cameroon VS Brazil
FIFA World Cup Group G schedule

Group H

  • Portugal
  • Ghana
  • Uruguay
  • South Korea
TimeGroup stageCombination play
2022/11/24 18:30Match 14Uruguay VS South Korea
2022/11/24 21:30Match 15Portugal VS Ghana
2022/11/28 18:30Match 30South Korea VS Ghana
2022/11/29 00:30Match 32Portugal VS Uruguay
2022/12/2 20:30Match 45Ghana VS Uruguay
2022/12/2 20:30Match 46South Korea VS Portugal
FIFA World Cup Group H schedule

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