4 key strategies you must know before playing the fishing games

Key Raiders You Must Know Before Playing Fishing Machine Games

Fishing games market is getting bigger and bigger every year. When you get home, slide your phone away and continue catching fish!

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What type of game is a fishing machine games?

What type of game is a fishing machine games
What type of game is a fishing machine games

Whether it is in a corner of the world or in India, although players do not love ordinary slot machine games.

There is one thing that has always maintained a unique market popularity, and it is the well-known “fishing machine game”! 

In most cases, fishing machines are classified in the category of video games, but they are completely different from common electronic slot machines, have their own unique gameplay, and even continue to extend a series of games.

Each fishing game has different play styles,but in fact, the core principle is not different. Vegas11 organizes various fishing machine game strategies. Players who are interested in fishing machine games can quickly learn how to play this game. And let players earn money in fishing machine games

How to do fishing machine games to play well?

How to do fishing machine games to play well
How to do fishing machine games to play well

Before playing fishing machine related games, we will put forward three key points that we think you must know first:

1. Understand the principles of the game Fishing machine gameplay

2. Correct game mentality

3. Interpret the fishing machine game cycle

“fishing machine gameplay”, the principle of “fishing game”

fishing machine gameplay, the principle of fishing game
fishing machine gameplay, the principle of fishing game

You must understand that all video games will have a mechanism called “commission rate”.

Commission rate means when you invest 1,000 yuan, the machine will only spit back 990 yuan, then the 10 yuan is the casino’s commission. 

Fishing machine games and slot machines are the same concept, in order to hit the co-player’s jackpot.

Because the machine will continuously accumulate all chips (Jackpot), until it reaches the set jackpot threshold.

So you must understand that when you win money on the fishing machine, it is not the money that you win the machine, but the money of other players.  

The Fishing machine game here just plays a role of providing venue equipment and asking for a “service fee”. 

Establishing a good fishing game mentality

Establishing a good fishing game mentality
Establishing a good fishing game mentality

Is still those old sayings, don’t let yourself have too many emotions before preparing to play the casino game, analyze it steadily.

When you find that your chips are constantly being spit out, and the fish will not be hit by any shells, stop first! 

How to set the stop loss point in this part? As a rule of thumb, when your original prepared stack is 10,000, when you find that you have lost 3,000 in a row, you should stop immediately. 

Because you should focus on the remaining 7,000 How chips can help you recreate profits, not how to recoup! 

This is a completely different mentality. When you can maintain this mentality, you have already achieved the time to take all games.

Because of the principle behind the design of the game, in order to continuously attract players to continue playing and maintain a stable income.

These three states will continue to appear alternately. In the end, the normal situation will return to the first point mentioned.

You will win only by being charged a portion of the “commission”.

The simple way of judging “fishing games cracking” and how to make money from it

The simple way of judging fishing games cracking and how to make money from it
The simple way of judging fishing games cracking and how to make money from it

Senior fishing game players must be constantly observing first, even from free trials.

Find out the cyclical nature of the game. This is to understand how many numbers are set in the fishing machine game behind to win money.

At the beginning, go fishing with the smallest chips and slowly observe how the game is going.

If you encounter a school of fish that is easy to fight, immediately switch to the cannonball to sweep the school of fish.

It’s a situation where you’re always judging when to up your stack and when to back off.

Be good at observing:

Test with some small stacks first, then wait quietly.

If you suddenly find that the fish is easier to play, you can consider increasing your chips slowly at this time.

After a while, it is found that the fish is indeed easier to play, and you can consider using the maximum stack.

When you find that the fish is not easy to play, immediately switch to small chips to play.

Start steady:

Many novice players just want to pursue the thrill of fishing as soon as they get started.

They kept firing bullets, resulting in extremely inefficient, many bullets did not hit the target accurately.

Chips run out quickly. Often many people lose because they put too many empty cannons.

Therefore, you should be calm at the beginning. It is recommended to start familiarizing yourself with the small fort, and slowly raise the fort when you feel it.

Fishing is all about mentality:

when playing fishing games, you should have a good mentality, don’t be excited, and don’t pay too much attention to winning or losing.

Playing games is for entertainment, don’t be overly nervous, you must know that you will play better if you keep a normal mind.

“fishing machine game” skill strategy

fishing machine game skill strategy
fishing machine game skill strategy

This kind of situation is often encountered in the game, that is, the fish you want to hit is not hit and is blocked by the nearby fish. Therefore, players must pay attention to the position of the surrounding fish when playing the game.

Small cannons should be used when shooting small fish, and cannons can be used when shooting schools of fish and big fish. Give up if the fish is too far, so as not to waste shells.

Personally, I feel that it is necessary to predict in advance when launching artillery shells. Because the fish is moving, you need to judge in advance where it will swim, and the fish will be fast, slow, and will turn, and change its position before the cannonball reaches it.

This player can practice more, I suggest that the novice mainly hit the fish near, and it is better to hit less in the distance.

The last is to learn a lot of other people’s skills and be good at thinking and summarizing. Learn from others’ analysis of the principles of fishing games, and think about the gameplay and skills of fishing. 

I hope all players can win big money in the fishing machine game, happy game to the end!


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